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HI Ya'll!

I retired from American Boston Terrier Rescue on December 31,2013.    After 15 years of dog rescue, due to several factors, my health, my elderly parents going into the hospital more frequently, etc, I decided to retire.

Micah Murphy Munoz, Heidi Trimpe and I founded ABTR in 2003. I am proud of the fact that in our 10 year history that we have saved over 2500 dogs.  I am sad about leaving ABTR as I will miss helping the dogs, all the wonderful people I have met at the shelters, the volunteers and the adopters as well as seeing the happy endings when the rescues find their forever homes. I will admit I won't miss all the dog poop and running all over Texas picking dogs up from the kill shelters!

I do have many projects already planned for my retirement. So I won't be sitting down doing nothing.  Gareth says I will be just as busy when I am retired as I was running the rescue.

 I am gonna quilt !!!

 ******I am going to remodel our house in Tennessee getting it ready for when Gareth retires! ******

 I  am going to GARDEN with my Daddy and can the produce with my momma!

******I am going to finally work on writing a book! ******

No, it is not gonna be about rescue. It will probably be a sci/fi-fantasy type of book. I have a good imagination and those are the kinds of books I like to read. 

Please feel free to send any notes you would like to me via email, facebook or please mail me at:

  Wanda Jewell,

 P O Box 222

  Greenfield, Tennessee  38230

 Thank you for your good wishes! 

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